WIA State Plans and Policies

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Virginia Workforce Council Policy – Occupational Skills Training Policy

Proposed Program Year 2013 WIA Preformance Measures

Building Career Pathways to Success: Workforce Investment Act and Wagner-Peyser Integrated State Plan

This document represents an integrated 5 year plan to implement the U.S. Department of Labor WIA and Wagner-Peyser Acts in the Commonwealth. Virginia’s vision, strategy and implementation plan for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and Wagner-Peyser (W-P) programs are outlined below.

Attachment A – Governor’s Workforce Plan
Attachment B – LMI Tables
Attachment C – List of agencies
Attachment F – Youth Service Providers
Attachment I – VWC Member List
Attachment L – Workforce Development System Workgroup Action Plan
Attachment M – Virginia WARN Act
Attachment O – Common Intake Form
Attachment Q – Statewide WIA Funding Agreement Process
Attachment R – Financial Proceedures
Attachment S – Summary of Public Comment

State Partner Memorandum of Understanding

Virginia Workforce Network State Partner Memorandum of Understanding

Virginia WIA Policy Statements

99-2 Establishment of Local Workforce Investment Board- Revised, January 2011
00-1 Local Workforce Investment Board Focus, Staffing and Service Restrictions
00-2 Youth Councils under Title I of the Workforce Investment Act
00-3 Public Participation and Collaboration in the Development and Implementation of the Commonwealth’s Workforce Investment System- Technical Amendments, April 2010
00-5 Youth Programs under Title I of the Workforce Investment Act- Revised August 1, 2011
00-7 Certification Process for WIA Training Providers- Revised, June 29, 2010
00-8 Virginia’s Training Voucher System under WIA- Technical Amendments, April 2010
00-10, Equal Opportunity Policy
00-11, Continuous Improvement, Incentives and Sanctions for the WIA – (rescinded)
00-12, Assessment Services for Adult, Dislocated Workers and Youth Programs
00-14, WIA Policy on Corrective Action or Sanctions for Discrimination
01-01 WIA Methods Of Administration, 29CFR Part 37- Click here for the MOA Elements
01-02, Discrimination Policy
01-04, Process for Additional Funding of Dislocated Worker Activities- Technical Amendments, April 2010
02-01 Processing Grievances and Complaints
02-02 Recaptured Workforce Investment Act Title I Local Formula Funds- Technical Amendments, April 2010
02-04 Existing Worker Strategy VWC Policy- Updated 12/20/10
03-01 Tiered Services- Technical Amendments, April 2010
03-02 Core Services Revised Jan. 3, 2005
03-03 Priority of Service
05-01 Continuous Improvement
05-02 WIA Incentives- Revised, March 2013
05-03 Sanctions- Revised, March 2013
05-04 Use of WIA Local Formula Funds for Economic Development
07-01 WIA and Trade Co-Enrollment
10-01 One Stop Service Delivery System

13-01 Business Services Requirements for Local Workforce Investment Areas

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